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And alas, education tends to evolve at a glacial pace.

A much posed question these days is what does it mean to be successful, and who really is most likely to succeed?!

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One of our fundamental beliefs at Blyth-Templeton Academy is that asking good questions is far more important than regurgitating correct answers.

We see each other with extreme regularity (once a week) and he is always a complete gentleman. At this point, to bring it up seems almost moot – I am treated wonderfully and he’s always been there when I needed him. Now you’re stuck with information that you can’t reveal or else you’ll lose the upper hand in the argument. My guess is that, if he wanted to lock things down, he would have. But right now he’s getting to have his cake and eat it, too. If you haven’t brought it up, then he’s thinking that either you don’t want to be exclusive (unlikely) or that he has the perfect set-up and doesn’t want to lose it. Especially in cases where the two people haven’t even met.

We’ve taken to spending pretty much our whole weekends together, every weekend. However, I made the horrible, irreversible mistake of reading his text messages. And now I know he is doing on dates with other girls from websites, and it makes me sick. Is he doing it because I’ve never told him he couldn’t? I can’t bring up specifics since I was the one snooping around. Regardless of the scenario, telling someone you researched them or snooped makes you look crazy and you lose all of your leverage.

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