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(updated: July 2011) Ideas I've publicly posted here I'd love to implement myself, but I know I (realistically) don't have enough time and/or resources.While most people keep their ideas secret, I'd prefer someone else implement and benefit from this idea rather than it fade in my head and never happen!If you like this idea or know of a similar one please e-mail me at .

But only a lunatic would embrace eccentricity without a plan. Keep it benign: Nobody appreciates a naked gentleman running down the street, smashing windows, and screaming about space aliens. Strange hats and out-of-place accessories (ear horns, etc.) are always favorites, as are unusual hobbies, such as collecting erotic art from pre-Columbian Peru or fashioning household goods out of duct tape.You’d make adjustments if you alienated your co-workers and wanted to feel better from 9-5 every day. And a big reason you struggle to connect with men is because you’re so bright. Like many of you, I’m a bit of an intellectual snob. Now before you decide that you hate me, I’d like you to consider two things: First, does that description remind you of any of the men you’ve dated in the past? On the other you get a narcissistic, difficult, self-obsessed, coldly logical man who is much more concerned with ideas than feelings, and much more concerned with himself than with you. A very thin line exists between insanity and genius.So thin, in fact, that it sometimes disappears completely, and madmen are misidentified as brilliant thinkers, while geniuses are dismissed as lunatics stuffed with an extra helping of crazy.

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