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As strange as Kramer can be, perhaps he thought it best to not let anyone know he lived there and never changed the name.

In the first scene of this episode, Jerry comments George about the button on his shirt.

“He told me I needed to let the sunshine in, that it sounded like I had recorded it in a bubble” (the kind of bubble, perhaps, that kept her largely unaware of bands like Coldplay). He wanted to know why we had taken the drums out of the second verse of “Green Aphrodisiac”. ’ he told me.” And so he invited her and Brown to Los Angeles, to work on it further.

Over the next seven months there, they began to collaborate with other musicians – among them Valerie Simpson, and Marvin Gaye’s drummer James Gadson –and, in this way, gradually let the sunshine in. “Initially, we had planned to only be there for a few weeks, but, you know, we had a house in the hills, a pool, a soft-top car, and then we got to play with all these incredible musicians, so there was little incentive to leave, really.” Nevertheless, eventually they had to.

During the inquiry, Lilly becomes attracted to a FBI agent working the case.

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Meanwhile, Jeffries attempts to solve a murder involving a teenage girl that has haunted him for 17 years.

George thinks that she is just using Jerry as contingency plan.

Hoffman (Kramer) comes by to borrow a couple of pieces of meat.

The new couple was spotted holding hands and kissing at a recent event, which honored Bailey Rae for receiving an honorary doctorate of music at Leeds University.

According to Daily Mail, “Corinne beamed from ear to ear on her special day, with her special new man.” Corinne and Steve are longtime friends and music partners.

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