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It might look a terrifying place from the headlines with gut-wrenching poverty, feuding drug gangs and growing hostility to visitors, alongside shattering youth unemployment and broken political systems. The European Union admits its extent is “breathtaking”, costing £99bn annually according to a new report.It found bribery common in many countries; in Greece, where it was a key cause of the economic meltdown, almost everyone said it was rife.

Settle in to your new digs before we head out to start the exploring.Relatively short in terms of distance travelled, this eight-day trip is a fascinating study in just how much regions can change as you cross national borders. You can arrive at any time during the day as there are no activities planned until this important meeting.If you can't arrange a flight that will have you arrive at the hotel by early evening, you may wish to arrive a day early.No matter where you are, or what you're doing, just know that there are thousands of lovely live girls waiting to talk to you. Embark on a spectacular journey from Romania, through Bulgaria and into Turkey, discovering the architectural grandeur and quaint cultural enclaves that make this such an intriguing part of the world.

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