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Mastery of the language and game puts hamsters in his radar on the endangered species list. As a result, their application and expression of game is rather remarkable. – Ricky Raw, spilling the beans about the farce of feminist conventions and the male response to game the situation. Map of the manosphere, providing a more detailed view of the bloggers & topics covered Gateway to the Manosphere Manosphere lingo CATEGORICAL RELEVANCE Below are highlights by category of some solid articles which cut to the chase.I have selected some of the more influential articles that cover the core aspects of game, and then added sections that are relevant to my niche of game (daygame, outcomes). i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others of course!

There will be some chest-puffing, arm-flailing, and deuce-flopping, but at the end of the day, it is just a collection of a bunch of guys (and a few ladies chiming in) figuring out and passing down the ways of Men. MANOSPHERE LINKS Read these blogs front to back, and your game awareness/application levels will shatter ceilings, floors, and walls in every direction. Other hall of famers – Krauser, the King of Daygame.

Once you isolate your type of game based on your interest, skillset, and lifestyle, hone in on the core areas and your developmental gaps, and you will notice a significant improvement in your approach and neutral state.

I was a former nice guy who did not have trouble building attraction or comfort, however I did not properly recognize/build attraction, escalate, or effectively react to shit tests until learning game.

His background in evo psych and his distillation of the mystery method gleans unique and unparalleled epiphanies that help cement the pillars of manosphere. dissects and simplifies the complexities of socio-sexual dynamics. Others in this league include Lucky Lothario, Maverick Traveler, Wall Street Playboys, Bold & Determined, Tim Ferriss, and a handful of others whom I will expand on in another link page dedicated purely to this realm.

His knowledge is eloquently stated with witty deliverance. Cognitive dissonance is dissolved into clarity, as Rollo recreates the narrative from a rational masculine frame. In a nutshell, higher level game amps up life as it was meant to live with regard to money, health, travel, etc, based on the principles of game.

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