Wife swapping and dating

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Oh history, how do you even make doin’ it with your neighbor’s wife look so romantic?

Reality TV became too real for Joe Piscopo when his “assistant” — the mother of his 3 ¹/₂-year-old daughter — punched him in the face while filming ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap.” In an episode airing Tuesday, Joe swapped his assistant Jessica Nasoff, who has also been his on-and-off girlfriend for seven years, with the assistant of “Brady Bunch” star Barry Williams, who lives in Branson, Mo.

The reason they were hooking up with their co-worker’s girlfriend was implicitly more chivalrous.

Ryan concluded, “They were doing this to create bonds and affiliation and love among the group because 25% of these guys didn’t survive the war. And they knew that if they didn’t come home, their buddies would take care of their wives and children because they had developed this love and trust.” Sigh.

Frederic Thiebaud, 40, was married to Shania's best friend and house manager Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who is now living with Lange.

Marie-Anne was an employee of Shania's and looked after her 46-room château in Switzerland.

The “Wife Swap” crew filmed Piscopo’s reunion with Jessica when she returned from Branson, but the producer wasn’t satisfied.

“Don’t you want to get rid of the chaos in your life? Piscopo sat back down, and said, “Jess, if you had a good time in Branson, if it’s too crazy for you here, why don’t you just spread your wings, and stay in Branson.” A witness said, “She starts crying.

When they were back on base, they had these key parties where they would sleep with one another’s wives.” In interviews with the fighter pilots, what they found was that it wasn’t really about sex (these studs could have any single woman at any port of call).

Strangely, neither couple feels that their marriage has suffered any negative forces.

In fact, we both feel stronger because of the honesty involved.

She suffered a broken heart after her husband of 14 years, legendary producer Mutt Lange, left her for her best friend in 2008.

But country singer Shania Twain, 45, is now said to be 'happier than she's ever been' - after getting engaged to the man whose wife stole her husband.

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