Mentally dating fictional character

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Although operationalised in this article as relationships with fictional characters, other researchers have included connections with real people whom we don’t personally know (artists, politicians, athletes) and historical figures in the spectrum of parasocial relationships. If you’ve been on the internet at all this year, you may have noticed an explosion of fiction-based personality quizzes. Their paper, “Self-Expansion through Fictional Characters” rests on the concept of parasocial relationships—a relatively new construct in the social sciences that is becoming increasingly relevant in our media-saturated age.What house would you belong to in Hogwarts—or in Westeros? While there is a clear, bright line between real people and imaginary people (I exist, Hermione Granger does not), there is no such line dividing real and imaginary relationships.I'm sorry if my problem seems stupid, I admit it's laughable, but I don't have friends in the country I live in (all my friends are on the internet) and with depression it's just so easy to feel constantly lonely.I know even people without depression can get attached but in my cause it's just very unhealthy.

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